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please make sure you read these terms before you use our services on our website/panel. the use of services provided by ”SMM Insta“ establishes agreement to these terms. By registering or using our services you agree that you have read and fully understood the following terms of service and SMM Insta will not be held liable for loss in any way for users who have not read the below Terms of Service.

.These terms of use are formulated in the masculine for convenience only, but they refer to, men and women both.

By acquiring services on our site, indicative of the acceptance of this agreement in these terms.

When an order is running ( still not Completed ) in SMM Insta for the same link you can’t order for this similar service to our panel again or you can’t order it somewhere else or you can’t continue promote this link in your way If facing a problem for this not possible any refund.

Access to and use of the services of Smm-Insta, you agree to all terms and
conditions set forth in this terms of use agreement.

The uses on the site and the services it offers to be over 18 years old or corporation and/or an authorized dealer lawfully registered, the user must have a credit card and a MasterCard or Visa is valid or an account with PayPal, issued by one of the
credit card, the user must have an email on the Internet.

The use of the website, content, and services it offers are offered for use in
accordance with the decision of the Smm-Insta, and shall have no claim or demand against Social Israel in respect of the content and services offered on the website, use, therefore, content and services above will be performed and exclusively your responsibility the full and does not do including any commercial use without the .express written .permission of Smm-Insta

Customers who use our site agree to follow any amendments and subject to the terms of use and consent the cure
.version 2021 date of agreement use is detailed below

.A) The content of the site and on-site services saved to – Smm-Insta

a. Smm-Insta may close the site and change, from time to time, the structure, appearance, and availability of services and content provided in it, without having to notify you in advance and you shall have no claim or demand against Smm-Insta in this regard

b. Smm-Insta is not responsible for any restriction, obstruction warning alarm or
damage of any kind imposed on the client or any other person on the other party or
its customers due to the acquisition of social media services on our website.

Also, Smm-Insta is not responsible for the removal or removal of a search results page
.in search engines or any other type of damage caused by our service

SMM-Insta undertakes no obligation to refund the side B (client) when one of the services that include third party (likes, followers, views, ratings, join the group, joined the event, friend requests, dislikes, shares) decided that it lower/ deletes /do not want to see your .advertising

B) SMM-Insta does not guarantee that the services offered on the site will not be disrupted without malfunction and/or immune to illegal access Smm-Insta, damages, malfunctions, failures in hardware, software, or communications lines, Smm-Insta or any of its suppliers and Smm-Insta will not be liable for any direct or indirect or grief and so that you or your property due to the use and/or reliance on the content and services .offered on the site

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices http://Smm-Insta.com site ( the “Site”) is operated by a member of the tree-madia Please read this policy carefully because any use of the site, its contents and/or services and/or products offered it is subject to the .terms and conditions listed herein

These terms and conditions are formulated in the masculine for convenience only, but they refer to, both men and women, you may be asked during registration services to provide various data about you. (“data”)

SMM-Insta may offer you to use in various applications, either on-site or whether
other sites (such as Facebook and YouTube, etc), which may inform third parties (including social networks) that you have read certain content on the site, you acknowledge that brought it your information and you do not have and you will have a future claim and/or .demand in relation to the above

A) The data will be saved in the database of Smm-Insta, you are required by law to provide the data, but without it, you can not use the content and those services, Smm-Insta may occasionally send you e-mail information, including marketing and advertising material – whether information that Smm-Insta will publish itself, this information will be sent to you if you give explicit consent, and any time you can opt-out and stop accepting, Smm-Insta will not transfer the data to third parties, except in the following cases

a. When you purchase products and services from third parties, as stated, transmitted to the information they need to complete the purchase process, relevant content .management activities, and maintain contact with you

b. In the event you breach the terms of use of the site or should you perform actions .unlawfully site or attempting to commit such acts

c. if it is accepted by the Smm-Insta court order instructing it to transfer your details or .information about you to third

d. any dispute, claim, action, demand, or legal proceedings, if any, between you and Smm-Insta.