What does it mean by Partial Status?

A partial status means you are partially paid for your services that you offer, it means if the complete delivery is not made, a refund of a partial amount is given. If you were booked for 100000 deliveries with $100 and you were only able to make 90000 and 10000 were not completed. Then the refund and partial amount refunded will be here ($10 for 10000) in this case.

What does “Instagram Mentions” mean and represent?

When you mention on Instagram through an email address onename@acsdgfg, it means that acsdgfg was mentioned under the post and a message is sent to the user through a check post. With the mention of Instagram with [User Followers] a link is added, of your post with the follower’s user name mentioned such as [HIS FOLLOWERS].

When is the link added, after going live or after?

A link is added immediately the user goes live, or about 4-5 seconds before going live.

What is meant by the term “Instagram Saves”?

When the user saves his post to the history section in Instagramit is known as “Instagram Saves”. It is done by pressing the save button right next to the close button. This number of saves for posts increases the Instagram impressions.